Improve your people skills to have more

confidence, charisma and success

in your personal and professional life.


Improve your people skills to have more

confidence, charisma and success

in your personal and professional life.

Welcome to the people skills program that will transform you into your best hero so you can achieve success with people that truly matter to you in your personal and professional life.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?


Have you always wanted to know how people interact with each other successfully and why people act the way they do socially?

Would you like to discover how to successfully interact with anyone around you in your personal and professional life?

What makes people tick? Be lovable? Be magnetic? What makes someone be socially successful (even if they are not born that way?)

How can you improve your interactions with people so you can shine your awesomeness, build trust and be someone they respect & admire?

Do you want to become the best version of yourself by learning how to improve your people skills so you can communicate authentically and be perceived as successful, charismatic and likeable?

How can you have more opportunities around yourself? What if you became a magnet to new social opportunities so people could help you achieve your personal and professional goals?

We have all been there in uncomfortable situations where we didn’t know what to do socially to be liked, accepted and remembered or worst…we knew what to do but we had something holding us back socially that was preventing us from succeeding.


People interact with each other to exchange social value. It can be words, actions, energy or any other way of social value exchange. If you master the social value exchange, you’ll be able to capitalize on all the social opportunities already around you and attract and convert the new ones. You’ll become the best version of yourself so you can communicate with confidence, charisma and awesomeness with people around you and live a better life. People are the key to your success and wellbeing in life. Master the art of interacting with people and your whole life goest to a new level with more happiness, passion, excitement, love and success.




When I was a kid, I struggled socially, I had no friends, I stuttered, I suffered from social anxiety and I was even hospozalized for that. I then discovered that there were practical tools and strategies to improve my myself and my people skills. But they were not enough. I had to find the techniques that only very few people knew about success with people. I had to find them, interview them, test their concepts and further develop them into concepts anyone could use to have the success with people they always wanted.


We hate fluff and theories that can’t be applied. We hate that. That’s why we digged deep into science and the proven concepts so we could offer you the best of the best but most importantly, the advice and concepts you could easily apply into your life and have all the success you want with people in your personal and professional life.


People love interactions that make them feel comfortable and valuable. We developed in our people skills research center many highly effective people skills techniques that business people could use with their clients, employees, managers, leaders etc to achieve more success with professional people. Of course, we have also developed many highly effective techniques to be used to boost your interactions in your personal life.



We all would like to have more passion, happiness, success, peace of mind and any other emotions that would make us feel fulfilled.. We could feel them on our own but without the social interactions, these emotions that we feel can’t last in time. It’s as if the interactions with people were there to catalyst your great emotions ( happiness, love, passion, fulfillment, etc). I know people are also there to make you experience bad emotions (anger, sadness, etc) but they are part of life and they are what maked you human. I’d like you to see negative emotions that people make you experience as a way to contrast so you can experience amazing positive emotions with people. How would you know what is an amazing positive emotion someone made you feel  if you couldn’t contrast it? The more you improve your people skils techniques to be used in your personal and professional life, the more amazing positive emotions people will make you feel and the less negative people, you’ll have around you. You attract what you emit through your people skills. That’s why I am so passionate to share with you the best people skills so you can attract greatness, feel better and life a fulfilled life. People skills can be learnt and you are next on the list for a true and powerful transformation. Are you up for it?


This is what you’ll discover:


  • Improve your ability to interact with people in any situation so you can shine, show your best self and succeed socially.


  • Become the person who attracts success and social opportunities in any social situation (networking events, meeting, dates, job interviews and any other important situation).


  • Have the courage and confidence to create meaningful interactions around you by mastering what makes people tick, be attracted to you like a social magnet and like you by having a strong connection with them.


  • Be charismatic, memorable and unforgettable so you can have the success with people you truly desire.


  • Learn how to capture attention in social interactions so you can effectively and confidently share your ideas and be someone others respect and admire.



  • Have the people skills so you can meet new people everywhere: approach, interact, connect and take the relationship where you’l be both comfortable so you can create a win-win personal or professional relationship.


  • Learn the people skills techniques to communicate effectively to deal with difficult people, conflicts and most work-related tensions.


  • Become someone people seek for advice, consultation and guidance by communicating with them using the 9 people skills guidance principles.


  • Discover how to lead and influence your circle of people so they can take the actions that can help them and you achieve success.


  • Discover how people interact with each other so you can have a birds eye view on all your social interactions, understand them better and improve them.

We have a 30 day money back guarantee so we can make sure you can try the training for yourself and see how it improves your life and your interactions with people. If you are unhappy with it, show us you did the exercises and applied the concepts and we’ll refund your money. See conditions here.


We really want you to try this training and see the results you can have in your personal and professional life, that’s why if you pay in full today, you’ll also receive 3 exclusive bonuses to improve your people skills faster than ever. Massive people skills transformation + how to be more social + how to be more valuable socially.


You’ll receive a certificate for completing this course and that can be showed your emplyeur or people around you. If you need various copies of the certificate, you can get up to 3 copies. For example, 1 for your office, 1 for your employer and 1 for yourself.


If you want more information on this training, you can click here to discover the full curriculum of the course. If you want to learn more about our certificate of completion offered with this course read below: AWC INT will deliver a certificate of completion signed by Alain Wolf so you can use it with your CV, have it in your office or simply get a recognition for your investment in developing amazing people skills.


A moment has the power to shape the future of your life and this moment is now. Are you ready to join us?


Sometimes, companies have a budget for this kind of people skills training so maybe you could ask your employeur if they want to invest in your people skills mastery? Success with people is near. It’s about time you start. Join us now!